KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G represents a new cellulose-based protein A resin with a high dynamic binding capacity and an outstanding impurity removal characteristics due to its newly engineered protein A ligand.


> Enhanced binding capacity
> Excellent elution profile
> Unique impurity removal properties


Enhanced binding capacity

KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G shows enhanced binding capacity, mainly at longer residence times, which makes it suitable for monoclonal antibody purification from high titer feedstocks.

Enhanced binding capacity
Residence time vs DBC (Polyclonal Human IgG)

Excellent elution pH

KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G’s ligand was designed for efficient elution of monoclonal antibodies and their Fc fusion derivatives under mild acidic conditions.

Mild elution pH
Comparison of the elution pH of KANEKA KanCapA™3G to competitor A. Elution pH was determined by a linear pH gradient elution using citrate buffer from pH 6 to pH 3.

Unique impurity removal properties

KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G has a better potential for impurity removal compared to current resins available on the market.

Unique impurity removal properties
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Ordering Information

Product Name Format Volume Catalog Number
KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G Prepacked Column 1 mL KPA03-C001
5 mL KPA03-C005
RoboColumn® 200µL x 8 row KPA03-S200
600µL x 8 row KPA03-S600
Bulk Resin 25 mL KPA03-B025
500 mL KPA03-B500
5 L KPA03-B05K
10 L KPA03-B10K


Technical Note

1. Evaluation of dynamic binding capacity, host cell protein removal and aggregation reduction properties of KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G protein A affinity resin (Download the technical note)

2. Pressure flow characteristics & scalability of Kaneka KanCapA™ and
KanCapA™ 3G (Download the technical note)


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