KANEKA KanCap™G is a newly developed cellulose –based affinity resin for Fab and F(ab')2 formats purification.

Its proprietary Protein G ligand exhibits an increased binding affinity to CH1 region making KANEKA KanCapG a powerful tool for efficient capture and purification of any antibody formats containing such region.

It can also be used as an alternative tool for full length antibody formats purification.

KanCap™ G Full lenght antibody
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> High binding capacity for antibody molecules containing CH1 or Fc region

Ligand Design

Kaneka has developed a proprietary Protein G ligand that exhibits high binding affinity to Human Fab (CH1 region).

KanCap™ G Ligand Development
KANEKA KanCap™ G’s Protein G ligand has high binding affinity to CH1 region.


Excellent purification tool for antibody fragments

KanCap™ G Dynamic binding capacity evaluation
Dynamic binding capacity evaluation
Fab (A) from monoclonal chimeric IgG1. Fab (B) from polyclonal human IgG (containing κ and λ types). Fab (C) from monoclonal humanized IgG1

KanCap™ G SDS-PAGE Analysis
SDS-PAGE analysis of non-reduced Fab samples purified from yeast supernatant
M. Marker; 1.Supernatant; 2.Flow-through; 3.Wash; 4.Eluate

Ordering Information

Product Name Format Pack size Catalog Number
KANEKA KanCap™ G Prepacked column 1 mL
5 mL
Bulk Resin 25 mL KPG01-B025



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Download the Platform process for antibody fragments using cellulose based affinity chromatography resins poster.

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