KANEKA KanCap™ L is a newly developed cellulose-based Protein L resin that exhibits an increased affinity to VL region of antibody κ light chain.

The resin was designed for capture and purification of a wide range of antibody fragment formats such as scFv, Fab and F(ab’)2.

KANEKA KanCap™ L is also an alternative tool to purify full length antibody formats containing a κ light chain which poorly binds to Protein A resins.

Full Length Antibody


> High binding capacity for antibody molecules containing a κ light chain
> Wide binding range for antibody molecules containing a κ light chain

Ligand Design

Selection of the ligand having the widest binding spectra and the highest binding affinity to Fabs was made by screening multiple Protein L mutants.

Ligand Design
Affinity comparison of wild type protein L and KANEKA KanCap™ L’s Protein L to different antibody fragments.


Excellent purification tool for antibody fragments

Bindin Capacity Evaluation
Dynamic and static binding capacity evaluation. Fab (A) from humanized IgG1 kappa, Fab (B) from chimeric IgG1 kappa

SDS PAGE analysis of Fab
SDS-PAGE analysis of Fab containing samples purified from E. coli lysate.

M. Protein Molecular Weight Marker, 1. Fab in E. coli lysate, 2. Flow through, 3. Wash, 4. Elution

Ordering Information

Product Name Format Pack size Catalog Number
KANEKA KanCap™ L Prepacked column 1 mL KPL01-C001
5 mL KPL01-C005
Bulk Resin 25 mL KPL01-B025



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