Frequently Asked Questions

Technical FAQ

QBase matrix?
AThe base matrix of our resin is cellulose. Cellulose has been used for many years in our medical device sector for extracorporeal therapy and is safe for using.
QWhat is the difference between KANEKA KanCapA™ and KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G?
AKANEKA KanCapA™3G is characterized by high dynamic binding capacity, mild elution pH and aggregates/HCP reduction.
QPacking protocols?
AKANEKA KanCapA™ and KANEKA KanCapA™3G can be packed into various types of columns with different diameters using axial compression and flow packing method. We offer a tailored packing protocol for each column type and size intended to be used .
QViral clearance?
AModel tests have confirmed that our resins meet standard requirements for viral clearance. Details are available on request.
QManufacturing control?
AKANEKA KanCapA™ and KANEKA KanCapA™3G are manufactured under our own quality system designed by reference to ICH Q7 guideline to ensure stable supply of high quality product.
QRegulatory support?
AWe can provide you with Regulatory Support Files, certificates and documents you require.
QSupport for ligand assays?
AAn ELISA kit is commercially available. We also offer standard ligands for process validation and in-process control. Details are available on request.
APlease contact us.

Commercial FAQ

QAbout shipping?
ATransport at appropriate temperatures based on our stability data.
QProduct form?
AHDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottle is used for the container of KANEKA KanCapA™ and KANEKA KanCapA™3G.