KANEKA KanCapA™ is a alkaline stable protein A affinity resin suitable for industrial scale purification of monoclonal antibodies. The Protein A ligand is a C-domain based pentamer that exhibits high alkaline stability and negligible Fab binding.



Binding Capacity

KANEKA KanCapA™ has been designed for efficient antibody capture achieving a high binding capacity at 3 to 6 minutes residence time.
KANEKA KanCapA™ also has the data compatible with major agarose protein A resin.

Alkaline Stability and Long Life Time

KANEKA KanCapA™’s ligand exhibits resistance to sodium hydroxide cleaning. The resin can be safely used up to 300 cycles with 0.1 M sodium hydroxide as the CIP solution with 15 minutes of contact time maintaining its binding capacity.

protein A affinity purification resin yield over runs

Life cycle study: Remaining dynamic binding capacity at 5 % breakthrough (RT : 3 min.) after repeated alkaline CIP with 0.1 M or 0.5 M NaOH (left); Yield and Protein A ligand leaching in the cycle use study with 0.1 M NaOH (right). Contact time to NaOH in all experiments is 15 minutes. Ligand leaching less than the detection limit (1 ppm) is plotted as 1 ppm.

Mild Acidic Elution
Conditions for All mAbs

KANEKA KanCapA™’s ligand binding ability to Fab region was eliminated in order to use mild acidic conditions for monoclonal antibody elution.

protein A affinity purification resin elution profile

KANEKA KanCapA™ improves the elution profile of the VH3-encoded mAb purification compared to other commercially available Protein A resins. 5 mg/mL-resin of IgG are loaded and elution is performed at pH 3.5 and 3.0. Strip solution is 1 M Acetic acid.

High Flow Rate operation and Easy Scale Up from Pilot to Process

Due to its matrix KANEKA KanCapA™ resin is perfectly suited for pilot and large scale purification processes. It can be efficiently packed into columns of various sizes either by normal flow or by axial compression methods. Packed columns show excellent pressure/flow rate characteristics and excellent performance. We have experience in packing up to 180 cm I.D.

protein A affinity purification resin high performance

LPressure/flow rate characteristics of KANEKA KanCapA™ packed into various column sizes:
The pressure/ flow rate characteristics and packing efficiency of packed columns, from 4.4 cm to 60 cm I.D. and 20 cm to 25 cm bed height.
The pressures generated by packed beds are calculated by subtracting the system pressure from total pressure.

Ordering Information

KANEKA KanCapA™ is available in various formats adapted to all stages of the purification process from method optimization and process development to commercial manufacturing.

Format Volume Catalog Number
Prepacked Column 1mL KPA02-C001
5mL KPA02-C005
RoboColumn® 200µL x 8 row KPA02-S200
600µL x 8 row KPA02-S600
Bulk Resin 25 mL KPA02-B025
500 mL KPA02-B500
5 L KPA02-B05K
10 L KPA02-B10K

Sample(s) available on request

protein A affinity purification resin format